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Christmas Party December 3, 2017

Please RSVP for lunch by Sunday, November 26

[Version Nov.24]

Come to the party. Bring Christmas blessings and smiles for everyone.


The RSVP is only that you (and any guests, family, friends) are coming to lunch before the party!


To request a monk's name to get him a gift, click here.

Please click here to let everyone know what dessert you are bringing and how you will help make the party a success.

If you have not signed up for the oblate email newsletter, please sign up here.


Schedule for Christmas Party

10:00 am Mass

12:00 pm Prayers with monks

12:20 pm Lunch with monks

1:15 pm Christmas party in the Lake Room, 3d floor of the abbey

NEW The oblates, nonoblates, family, friends will sing "O Come, All Ye Faithful" to the monks during the party.

3:00 pm end of Christmas party



Dessert to Share

1. Go to PerfectPotluck and "Take" a listed item -- showing what dessert you will bring. If you need it, the coordinator last name is OBLATE. The password, if you need it is 2558.

Bring a dessert to share.

This year it is best if your dessert does not need to be refrigerated. A retreat will be at the abbey using the available refrigerators. However, you may bring your own cooler with ice.

2. Please bring a serving spoon or cake or pie server if your dessert needs one. Yes, this is important!

3. You may make a small tent card with the name of your dessert and/or its ingredients. Got a cute name for your dessert? Abbot's Apple Pie, Benedictine Brownies.

4. Note: The following is the best information we have now about where to take your desserts when you arrive. However, where to take the desserts may change.

5. When you arrive at the abbey for the Christmas Party, please take your dessert to the Lake Room on the third floor of the abbey (the long white building). Set your dessert on the tables in the middle of the room.

6. If you arrive before Mass, you may keep your dessert wrapped and then partially unwrap it between 11:00 am and Midday prayers, with the final unwrapping after lunch.

7. Desserts may also be placed on the tables in the Coffee Room on the third floor.



Party Supplies, Set-up, Clean-up, Coffee, Greeters

Go to PerfectPotluck and "Take" a listed item -- showing the supplies you will bring or how you will help at the party.

If you can help with party supplies or other help, super. Your party needs you.

Felicia Morrell will coordinate and lead the setup, decorating, arranging, and cleanup. It's fun to work with others in the oblate program. Here is what's needed.

Plan for a total of 60 people:

Anytime before the party drop off your unneeded Christmas decorations at the abbey's Christmas supplies room to help the cause.

Help decorate the Lake Room in the days before the party.

Friendly greeters to help the monks get and put on their name tags, tell people where to put desserts, where the restrooms are, where to place their gifts until the start of the party, where Christmas cards may be placed, where the Coffee Room and retreat library is, etc.

Someone to put the monks' names in their name tags, setup the table containing the monks' name tags and Christmas cards.

Get tables from third-floor storage and, if necessary, from the Feeney Room.

Setup of the tables before the party, setting up the Lake Room.

Set up chairs to help conversations. We don't want people sitting in a row of chairs against the wall. Who has fun like that? At the party meet new people and talk, talk, talk. Chapter 6 of the Rule of Saint Benedict is suspended for the duration of the party. Talking in small groups, good and fun.

Large paper plates

Small paper plates

Cold drink cups


Plastic utensils

A couple of people to make the coffee, keep the coffee pots replenished during the party, and set out the bottles of water.

Cleanup and taking down the decorations after the party, folding the tables

Plan on getting enough for 60 people.


Thank you very much!!




Gifts For Monks

This is completely optional.

1. If you have not emailed that you want to get a monk a gift and you want to get a gift for a monk, please email

suggested text of the email:

"Please email me the name of a monk for the Christmas party."

2. In that email please include your name! Ooops, I forgot to include that request in the first email about requesting the name of a monk.

3. You will receive another email directly to you giving the name of a randomly-selected monk and what items are on his Christmas list.

Monks are asked to list a possible gift, you may buy the listed gift, if possible, but the monk's wish list is only a suggestion.

If you cannot find a listed item, a Wal-mart gift card would be OK.

Monks do not have alcohol on their gift list so please do not give alcohol as a gift.

4. You should spend no more than $35 on the gift, any amount $35 or less is OK.

5. Please wrap or use a gift bag for your gift.

6. Add a gift tag with the monk's name.

7. On the gift tag, please write your full name clearly. The monks always want to know the person who gave them a gift. Your gift is not complete until the monk knows whose kindness he has received.

8. At the Christmas party you will give your gift to your monk. If you need a good ice-breaker, conversation starter with your monk, you might begin by asking him the ice-breaker question and also sharing your answer as well.


The jolly ice-breaker question this year is:

"Who is your favorite Saint whose feast day is in the Advent or Christmas seasons?"



Special Thank-you gift for Abbot Isaac, Oblate Director

1. This is completely optional. This Abbot's Gift would allow everyone to participate in a gift to Abbot Isaac. This additional gift would be a special thank you for all Abbot Isaac does for the oblates.

The gift will be a gift card to

2. All those who want to participate in this optional gift will have their names on a Christmas card given to Abbot Isaac.

3. You may give any amount towards this gift to Abbot Isaac. A gift card will be purchased based on the amount of the total amount received.

4. If you want to participate, please email

stating you want to participate in the Abbot's Gift, include your full name and the amount you want to contribute to this group gift to Abbot Isaac.

5. Make your check payable to Saint Leo Abbey. Mark your check "Abbot's gift." Then mail it to the oblate office:

Saint Leo Abbey Oblate Office
PO BOX 2350
SAINT LEO, FL 33574-2350

6. Please ensure check is mailed or delivered no later than December 27.



Names of the monks at Saint Leo Abbey

Cards for Monks (Optional): If you like to send Christmas cards by US Mail or hand out Christmas cards at the party, here are the names and mailing address:

+Father Abbot Isaac
Father Prior Clement
Brother Sub-Prior Timothy
Father Robert
Brother Bill
Brother James
Father David
Brother Joshua
Father Joseph
Brother Stanislaw
Brother Stephen
Brother Apollo
Brother Lucius
Brother Roman

By U.S. Mail:

[Name of Monk or Recipient]
Saint Leo Abbey
PO BOX 2350
SAINT LEO FL 33574-2350

At the party:

You may also bring your Christmas cards to the party and you may place your Christmas card with the monk's name tag.