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Benedictine Circle

January 20, 2019
Benedictine-Book Discussion

The Benedictine Circle welcomes all Christian men and women.

To RSVP: Click the above door knocker picture. It will take you to the RSVP page where you will fill out the RSVP form.

If you have lunch, the charge is $12. There is a basket in the class room. Just want to attend the class? (free, that's fine too!) All are welcome.


If you cannot RSVP above please email and let me know what problems you are encountering. Thank you. We will try to get them fixed.


Michael Casey’s The Road to Eternal Life: Reflections on the Prologue of Benedict's Rule.

Read Chapters 41 to 43.

Do you need to get the book to fully participate? NO!! The format of the discussion allows everyone to jump right in.

This Benedictine Circle begins at 1:15 pm and ends at 4:15 pm.


1) RSVP for Lunch in the Monks' Dining Room ++ AND++ Benedictine Circle. If you eat lunch. The suggested donation is $12 per person.

If you do not want to eat lunch, please use the SECOND RSVP line when you are filling out the form.

2) RSVP for attending the Benedictine Circle ONLY (no charge.)



Details of the Benedictine Circle Meetings

The Benedictine Circle is open to everyone. It is a welcoming and friendly group that meets on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 1:15 pm to 4:15 pm in the 3rd Floor Lake Room at Saint Leo Abbey.

What happens at a Benedictine Circle meeting?

The Benedictine Circle is a round-table Benedictine discussion group. We start by setting up tables and chairs in a large circle to facilitate discussion. We sip coffee and enjoy dessert while we discuss our latest Benedictine book. A facilitator helps to keep the discussion flowing and keeps us all on track. The group consists of Oblates, Novices and Friends.

We structure the discussion questions so that people can comfortably participate even if they haven’t had a chance to read the book.

We usually have between 8 and 12 participants. Many of us have become much better acquainted through these monthly discussions. We welcome you to join us!

Optional 12:00 pm prayers with the monks

You may wish to arrive in time for 12:00-noon prayers with the monks of Saint Leo Abbey in the Abbey Church.

Optional Lunch

If you wish to have lunch in the Monk’s Dining Room you must RSVP so the ladies in the Abbey kitchen know how much food to prepare. The suggested donation is $12 per person.

Cake and Coffee Dessert

For everyone at Benedictine Circle there will be dessert and coffee in the 3rd floor Coffee Room which you can enjoy as we have our discussion. If you wish, you are welcome to bring a dessert or snack to share, but it is not a requirement.

Lake Room Bulletin Board

In the event that you arrive for the Benedictine Circle meeting and find that we are not in the 3rd floor Lake Room or Coffee Room, please check the bulletin board located in the hall outside of the Lake Room. We will post a note on the bulletin board notifying you of our new location in the event that we need to move our meeting to another room.

Optional 5:00 pm prayers with the monks

After the meeting, some of us wait together in the 3rd Floor Coffee Room for 5:00 prayers with the Monks in the Abbey Church.




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