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Oblate Sunday

September 3, 2017

Please RSVP so the abbey kitchen ladies will know the number of lunches to prepare. If you are only coming to the classes (not eating lunch with us) no RSVP is necessary.

To RSVP click the above picture. It will take you to the RSVP page where you will fill out the RSVP form.


Novice Class Assignment:

Read the Prologue of the Rule of Saint Benedict. Meets in the Upstairs Chapel - third floor.

Class is led by Brother Stanislaw, OSB.

Oblate Class Assignment:

Read the chapters on Acedia, Vainglory, and Pride (click on the link that states Acedia, Vainglory, and Pride. Then you may read and download the chapters).

The readings are from the book Healing the Heart, by Kenneth C. Russell. The entire book is available for purchase here and here.

Meets in the Lake Room - third floor.


Third Session

This session meets in the Lake Room after the Oblate Class. There is a short break to get coffee and desserts.

The third session will be an abbey project of framing 40 pictures. Abbot Isaac requested help from those in the oblate program. This is a fun project. Everyone should be able to help on this easy project!!

An additional email will have pictures of the framing project materials so you have a better idea of what to expect.

The third session ends at 3:55 pm.




What to bring:


flat head screwdriver or putty knife

wire cutters

If you don't have those items, come anyway!

The revised schedule for the day is:

10:00 am Mass

11:05 am Novice class (anyone may attend and is encouraged to do so)

12:00 pm Midday prayer with the monks

12:20 pm Lunch with the monks

1:15 pm Framing project in the Lake Room third floor.

We will work in pairs to bend up the metal tabs on the back of 40 frames. We will take off the backs of the frame, insert the picture, use blue masking tape to hold the picture, replace all the backing, then bend down the tabs. We may also attach the wire to hang the frame. How to tie wire video.

Pictures of our framing project.

click pictures to enlarge



We will fold up the tables. We will have a snack and chat break for about 15 minutes.

Then we will have a sharing and discussion session on "How I live the oblate life."

Father Fidelis will give a brief overview of the elements of living an oblate life.

Then we will draw names from a hat and ask each person whose name is drawn (if they want) to share what changes they have made, what works, their joys and blessings, things they have struggled with, and tips for us who are also on the same journey to dwell with God and live a contemplative life, listening with the ear of our heart.

One tip is to get chimes for your home so that every 15 minutes you hear the same bells as at the abbey.

3:55 pm end of the third session.

5:00 pm Solemn Vespers with the monks (if you can stay).


Abbot Isaac asked us to read those chapters. We will not discuss them as such this Oblate Sunday, but the wisdom they contain may help to identify what obstacles we all fight against each day or every hour in my case!

The Saving Grace (August 3)

The monks thank everyone who brought items. Your gifts help the monks tremendously and they appreciate your remembering them when you shop.

Remember the Drive-Thru Drop Off Service provided by Dan Spears 9:30 am to 9:45 am by the Abbey Welcome Center.

Thank you. Each month the monks express their appreciation and thanks for everyone who helps them in The Saving Grace.



If you want to read the Holy Rule in the 1865 translation/amplification by a priest of Mount Melleray Cistercian Abbey in Ireland, here is the interesting book in Google Books. The Holy Rule of Saint Benedict translated by a priest of Mount Melleray, Abbey. History of Mount Melleray Abbey.


Important note for new people coming to oblate events: If you RSVP for Oblate Sunday or the Benedictine Circle, but have not signed up for the oblate email list, you may miss notices of upcoming meetings and events. It is easy and free to be added to the email list. CLICK HERE.

RSVPing does not add you to the email list and joining the email list does not RSVP you for events! Each is a separate system.




About Oblate Sunday Typical Schedule

Oblate Sunday is the first Sunday of the month. There is no cost to attend. However, as with many church functions, you may make a voluntary donation for lunch. Any donation is completely optional.

10:00 am Mass — In the Abbey Church.

11:10 am Novice Class — Immediately after Mass in the Mary Chapel on the third floor of the abbey. This class is open to everyone. That means guests, visitors, Oblates, and, of course, Oblate novices. The class is taught by Brother Stanislaw, OSB.

12:00 pm Midday Prayer — In the abbey church — with the monks. Everyone is invited.

12:20 pm Lunch — In the abbey dining room with the monks. Everyone is invited. The dinning room is located on the east end of the first floor of the abbey.

Please RSVP if you are planning to have lunch. The abbey kitchen needs a count of guests to know how much food to prepare. An RSVP is much appreciated by the abbey and the dedicated kitchen staff.

1:15 pm Oblate Class — Lake Room third floor of the abbey. This class is open to everyone. That means guests, visitors, Oblate novices, and, of course, Oblates. The class is taught by Father Abbot Isaac, OSB.

2:30 pm End Oblate Class session

2:30 pm to 2:45 pm Break

2:50 pm to 3:55 pm Third session -- special speakers, oblate-led discussions, workshops, testimonies, get to know your oblate brothers and sisters.

5:00 pm Solemn vespers (evening prayer) with the monks, which ends at 5:20 pm. In the light of sixteen saints from above, the monks process into and out of the quiet church on Sunday afternoons in their flowing, long white albs/cowls/cucullas.

All chants at the Sunday vespers are accompanied by Brother Stanislaw, OSB, on the organ, the Royal Classic III by Viscount. The old church is still and at rest. Those Sunday Vespers are a glorious office.