Saint Leo Abbey Oblates

Find peace at Saint Leo Abbey

Benedictine Circle

Sunday, February 16, 2020

1:30 pm to 4:15 pm

Location: Saint Leo Abbey, Town of Saint Leo, Florida — 45 minutes north of Tampa

This Benedictine-book discussion group covers great, historical books in the monastic and Benedictine traditions. We enjoy cake, cookies, and coffee in the abbey’s retreat library as we share how the readings are applied to our lives.  Each Benedictine Circle session stands alone. You can fully participate and feel comfortable about participating even if you have not attended previous sessions because the fabulous notes for each session include quotes from the book to be discussed. The discussion includes how you have lived the topics/subject discussed.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Those interested in living a more spiritual life, those seeking to live closer to God, those interested in living a life that is less entangled in the world’s distractions. It can be done!

For February 16 read John Cassian Conference 9, Chapters 18-24 which cover the Lord’s Prayer.

Read the Fabulous Notes prepared by Kerry Smith. Bring the notes with you on your tablet or in paper form. These notes are the basis for the discussion during the Benedictine Circle.

For reference you may also read the Rule of Saint Benedict.

Please RSVP for lunch if you are eating lunch with the monks.  The cost is $12 paid at the end of the class.

Open to all: men, women, Catholic and non-Catholic.

Brother Giovanni (John Bakas) 813-228-8015